• In this do it yourself section you will be able to discover what your approximate costs are as a buyer or seller. You can even determine what your payments might be on any given mortgage you may be interested in. All of these calculators are to give you approximate figures. For more exact numbers or costs please check with you escrow officer.


  • We have accumulated flyers on a wide range of subjects from “How to take Title” to “The Reasons for Title Insurance”. These flyers are brief explanations on certain aspects of real estate transactions that can be confusing. These come in a PDF format so that they can be printed and kept or shared with friends or clients. Please feel free to make suggestions on other subjects and we will try to get that subject discussed in a flyer on this site.

    Information Flyers

  • In this section you will find hundreds of words and terms often used in the real estate industry. We provide a brief definition of each term. They are listed alphabetically and you can search any word or term by simply "clicking" on the first letter of the word or phrase you are interested in from the list at the top of the column on each page.


  • We have accumulated a number of blank documents that are often used in real estate related transactions. Any document that you may need during the process of an escrow with our company will certainly be provided as part of our service and you will not likely need this section. However there may be a document that you need on a transaction or property other than the one you have in escrow with our company. In that case we hope this may be a good future resource for you.